Computer based (Windows®)
Supported by your own data feed

With DATAvariance portfolio

  • Analyze the relation between performance & risk
  • Explore & test a large asset selection (international, by theme or by sector)


All your data is on your computer,

  • your portfolio
  • your trade history
  • your watch lists

No transfer on the server of an outside party


Your passwords

At registration and to access our web services - such as downloads from the site – you will receive a password by mail; this password will identify you as a user of a DATAvariance account

To protect your personal data – portfolio, watch lists & local data base – you will be prompted to create a special password after installing the application

Required to access the application on your PC, this password is not saved on the DATAvariance server and remains unknown to our services
In case of loss, you would need to reinstall the application but your personal data would be lost.

Personal information provided at registration

  • An email address
  • Your user name
  • Your age and your profile
  • Your country of residence

These settings are encrypted on our server and can only accessed by you

Access to the DATAvariance web services

After registration, you will be able to access all the DATAvariance web services (downloads, updates, web listings) directly from the application

  • Your requests are validated by a special RSA application key assigned to you with the application, securing the exchange with the server
  • Authentification is a guarantee that no one will access your DATAvariance services with your identity

Downloads from the DATAvariance server

The data stream from DATAvariance web services to your application is encrypted

  • The channel is secured by SSL and the content encrypted
  • No one can interfere or intercept
  • No one can usurp your identity

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