Pro CRM, Alerts, and Communication

By fully integrating client portfolios on the CRM, DATAvariance Pro facilitates client advice on risk impact analysis of potential investments, and is supported by detailed alerts and a full range of communication options

Locally hosted

  • Secure, with managed authorizations and mobile access
  • Tracking tasks and recording communication history by client and by group of clients
  • Up to date performance and risk analytics by portfolio and for consolidated portfolios


  • Special settings for individual portfolios – default settings for groupings
  • Overview for all portfolios, updated daily – individual portfolio reviews
  • Advanced computations, such as historical VaR - with pre-set computation periodicity


  • Impact of proposed investments (performance and risk impact)
  • Back testing new assets on client portfolios
  • Buy-sell order simulations of current portfolio assets

Marketing and communication

  • Range of pre-formatted reports
  • Mobile access to portfolio data by individual investor
  • On line advice supported by back tests of projected transactions
  • Detailed asset information and sector comparisons (fundamentals)

Regulatory compliance

  • Customer Due Diligence - KYC
  • Client risk profiling
  • Reporting Performance Attribution (EIPC)
  • VaR Back testing
  • Archive (benchmarks, transaction history, communications…)
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