Dv Releases Xpress PLUS Pro Bonds
Pricing Free and Unlimited $200/Year Contact Us Contact Us
Availability Sept '17 Oct '17 Q1 '18 To be announced
Features Features Features Features Features
Features Xpress PLUS
Data Feed free options free & fee-based
Data Access (by pre-installed API)
Professional Data Access (US exchanges only)
Fundamentals (major companies only)
Active Porfolio 1 3
Profiles (watch lists) Unlimited Unlimited
Benchmark Multiple
Benchmark by sector
Tracking error
Broker connectivity On request
Tax & fees history
Transaction history
Average costs (for multiple transactions) & weights
Realised & unrealised P&L
Impact of foreign currencies
P&L, Performance
Risk (major ratios)
Data quality filter (by asset)
Multi currency
Portfolio Import from other sources
Simple CSV format
Detailed CSV format (incl. transaction details for fees, FX rates etc.)
DATAvariance detailed format
Asset Infos
Price Chart (missing prices shown)
Internet Links
Essential Risk Ratios
Performance analysis (Portfolio details)
Cumulative Return Chart
Realised P&L (history by month)
Unrealised P&L (by transaction & holding period)
Risk analysis (Portfolio details)
Expected Return (trend)
Historical portfolio volatility (compared to benchmark)
Arbitrage : total asset return / volatility
Deviation from benchmark (tracking error)
Adjusted beta & R²
Asset scores (based on trends / ratio)
Price Trends
Growth / Value
Watch Lists
Watch Lists
Categories, Folders & Lists
Data feed access
Ranking of lists (by header)
Compare asset return histories
Compare volatilities and more
Invest (virtual investment test)
Import lists from other sources
Save & Share lists
Mix assets (from different lists)
Web Assets
DATAvariance Web Assets (all)
Partners Assets & Documents
WebXpert reviews & listings (by subscription) (by subscription)
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